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Anonymous whispered: An Arcanine trotted up to N, happy to make a new friend. 'Hello!' He barked, wagging his tail. ~alby-the-arcanine

The trainer glanced down at the bark, a gentle smile crossing his features. “Hello there, friend.. What’s your name?”


i hope you fall in love with someone who’s never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you

I’m so sorry for the inactivity lately!!! I’ve been super caught up with stuff irl, but I hope to be able to be on more! And with tests coming up… Well, anyway! Like for a stater?


  • "I know you loved me once."
  • "Does it really have to be like this?" 
  • "… but I love you."
  • "You can’t just leave!"
  • "Well what about me?" 
  • "What are you trying to say?" 
  • "This isn’t over." 
  • "Can you ever forgive me?"


i just want a scene in an avengers movie where loki is allied with the main supervillain and his ally wounds thor and loki instantly stops what he’s doing and turns on the villain with an absolutely murderous expression and no one knows what’s going on until loki has beaten the other villain into the ground





am I the only person who feels like christmas didn’t happen

No, I feel like this too

the fuck was christmas 2013

the fuck was 2013

■ Our muses to meet
□ Our muses to be enemies
▥ Our muses to be friends
▤ Our muses to be best friends

▨ Our muses to be childhood sweethearts
▩ Our muses to be family (or like family)
▦ Our muses to be a couple
△ To crack rp
▷ To serious rp
▽ To plot something- anything!

"This is a song from the perspective of God."


We Think We Know You. The Finale of “what.” Bo Burnham HD

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